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Corinne H.

My daughter has had 3 sessions with Alex to target flexibility. The improvement in her flexibility after only 3 sessions is shocking. Alex gets results fast, but she does so in a safe and gentle manner. She has a special way of motivating and encouraging her students. My daughter is so motivated that she’s been waking up 30 minutes early each morning to work on her stretching “homework”. Thanks, Alex! We can’t wait to see where she’ll be in a few months!

Cristina S.

Such a great experience to work with Alex!!! She is very detail oriented, energetic, quick to respond and effective with her words & expectations. My 10yr old daughter will be competing her first solo this year and we decided to try out a Skype session for her ‘Cleaning Solo’ private special. I wasn’t sure how well Skype would work, but WOW... what a difference a quick hour made! Not only was she working hard and sweating throughout the hour, but there were huge improvements, with technique and presentation factor. I was throughly impressed with the lesson, especially since it was via Skype. And to top it off, my daughter absolutely enjoyed her hour with Alex and asked when we could schedule the next one! I highly recommend lessons (Skype or in-person) with Alex!!!

Jennifer E.

My son loves tumbling, and he loves to be challenged and learn complex skills. I love that Alex is able to push him to achieve great things, but that every single skill begins with the basics of how to do it safely. I trust her implicitly and love rapport she has with him. He loves working with Mrs. Alex!

What are people saying about online clas
What are people saying about online clas

Tara B.

Love love love! Only one session in. We were in a major rut...not anymore!! Loving Alex. My daughter is super super happy and confident again. Not to mention, she makes all things pretty!!!

Tara J.

LOVE Alex! She is the best! She pushes my daughter just the right amount, where I see her progress, but in a safe and effective way. She is motivating and my daughter absolutely loves her! You can’t get a better coach than Ms Alex!

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