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Why I Love to Teach Private Lessons

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

My goal as an educator is simple: to foster passion, encourage my students to achieve their full potential and gain an understanding for the material.

I do private lessons in order to connect on a deeper level with the child. I am able to individualize my lesson, cater to their needs, and even change my approach and my teaching methods depending on their learning style, their personality, and any learning differences they may have.

To borrow from my social entrepreneurship course:

"If I have worked myself out of a job, I have done my job"- My amazing former professor Trey Bowles, co-founder of The Dallas Entrepreneur Center.

If I can help a kid to effectively TAKE CLASS better, then private lessons are no longer a necessity. I do not do private lessons to rake in the dough (although, apparently...I am a human and have to pay bills, too?)... I do teach private dance and aero lessons to help the child better understand HOW to learn. How to work with what they have. How to increase their strengths and decrease their weaknesses.

WHEN a child is trained to essentially train themselves, my work is done. Unfortunately, this objective is practically unattainable until the professional there is always room to grow and improve.

This is FABULOUS news for everyone because the world needs a little more MISS ALEX in their life!

With Love,

Ms. Alex

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