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10 Reasons To Use Technology in Class

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

If you ever wondered why take videos and pictures in my dance & Acro classes, now you know why I incorporate technology into my lesson plans: ------------------------------------------------------ 1. It is fun and engaging. An engaged student is a hard-working student.

2. If you can see it, you can adjust it. Especially for kids (and, ahem, parents) who need cold, hard evidence of what's going on.

3. Majority of dancers are visual learners.

4. These kids were born with an iPhone in their hand...I am simply meeting them where they are at.

5. It is excellent extrinsic motivation....all I have to say to illicit a positive response is "do it for the 'gram" (Translation: Do this really well and I will post it on my Instagram that has over 1,100 followers)

6. I ALWAYS get consent from the child and parent before posting. That is not a reason why, it is really more of an FYI.

7. It helps ME see things that my naked eye would need to watch several times to analyze. I am able to slow things down and really target where the physical "error" is happening. Then we can target the mental "errors" in our discussion about the video. That being said...

8. I can focus on spotting for safety, rather than spotting for technique AND safety.

9. It provides free marketing content! Can you say #selfemployed?

10. The PROOF is in the pudding. When kids see the difference their work has made IMMEDIATELY (these kids and their instant gratification), they are more likely to a) trust me as their teacher, b) trust themselves, and c) trust the process. EVERY good relationship starts and ends with TRUST. 📷💕📷🖤📷

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